Honoring A Magician's Tradition: Throw Out Cards

 David F buys and sells antiques and vintage magic. He specializes in ephemera so he thought it would be interesting to bring back what was once a staple of the performing magicians such as Blackstone, Kellar, Thurston, Nicola, Will Rock, etc. and that’s the “Throw-Out Card”.

Throw-Out cards are used for card throwing. Card throwing is achieved by throwing standard playing cards with great accuracy and/or force. It is often performed as part of stage magic shows. The art of throwing cards is called scaling.

Throw-out first became popularized among stage magicians during the 1800s. A magician named Alexander Herrmann is widely attributed with first including card throwing in a major act. He would use custom made cards, sign them, and then throw them into the audience as potential souvenirs. The magician Howard Thurston also used card throwing as a major part of his act. The cards that they used, however, were heavier than those commonly used today.

Many magicians commissioned specially printed cards, known as throwing cards, throwouts, scaling cards or souvenir cards to use for these purposes. Generally, such cards featured the image and name of the magician, and often featured optical illusions, mystical images, and text and graphics from other advertisers.

"So I have decided to celebrate this by creating modern cards but using original throw-out card artwork, most of which is over 100 years old." David states.