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      Product Questions:

      • How many cards are in a deck?
        • Our standard decks are 54 cards. For a small fee, you can add cards to your deck.
      • Can you design my product for me?
      • Can I print a different picture on each card?
      • Can all of the cards have the same front (face) and back?
        • Yes, click here and we will produce all 54 cards with the same front (face) and back.
      • What kind of stock are the playing cards printed on?
        • 330gsm cardstock with UV gloss coating.
      • Do you offer custom-printed playing card boxes?
        • No, but our clear boxes allow you to see your cards.
      • How do I note special requests, such as “I don’t want my cards corner-rounded”?
        • During the checkout process, below each product, you can add special instructions.
      • Am I limited to what I can put on my cards?
        • Adult (NSFW) and private cards ARE allowed. Images and content are NOT shared or accessible by anybody outside of production.
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      Pricing Questions:

      • Do you charge extra to    customize both sides of the cards?
        • No.
      • How much are poker cards?
        • 1 Deck – $27.50
        • 2 Decks – $15.00 each
        • 3-25 Decks – $10.99 each
        • 26-100 – $9.50 each
        • 101-250 – $8.90 each
        • 251-499 – $8.55 each
        • 500+ – $8.00 each
      • How much are poker chips/markers?
        • The first stack of 25 chips is $15 and $10 per additional stack of 25.
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      File Questions:

      • What kind of files can I upload?
        • .JPEG, .PNG, and .TIFF are all acceptable
      • What size should my files be?
        • The trimmed size of poker cards is 2.5×3.5 inches. Please allow for bleeds by adding .25 inch to your file (2.75×3.75 inches).
      • What resolution should my files be?
        • 300 dpi/ppi is sufficient for most artwork.
        • If your image contains text or fine detail, 600 dpi/ppi is recommended.
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      Editor Questions:

      • How do I pick the “common back”?
        • The first card in the editor is the “common back”. The next card is the bottom card of the deck.
      • How do I delete an image?
        • Select “Easy Editing” at the top of the editor. Then select your image and click “Clear Picture Box”.
        • Click here for a video explanation.
      • Why is my image getting cut off on the sides?
        • The trimmed size of poker cards is 2.5×3.5 inches. Please allow for bleeds by adding .25 inch to your file (2.75×3.75 inches).
      • How do I change the order of the playing cards?
        • Drag the thumbnails at the bottom of the editor to move your cards.
      • How do I add text to my chips/markers?
        • Add a text box at the top of the editor.
        • Select the “Size & Position” icon and change the width and height to .5.
        • Change position to Left: 0 and Top: 0.
        • Click here for a video explanation.
      • Can I start a project and come back to it later?
        • Yes. When you create an account, you will be able to login at any time and access “My Projects”.
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      Shipping Questions:

      • How long does it take to get my cards/games/chips?
        • All cards and games that require cards (Monopoly,   Clue, Guess Who, Spot It, Bingo, and Sequence) take two weeks to arrive to your door.
        • Chips/markers and games that do not require cards ship within 48 hours.
        • We offer Rush and Super Rush options for all cards and games that require cards. Rush production is guaranteed 10 days to your door and Super Rush is 7 days.
      • Do you ship outside of the United States?
        • We currently do not ship outside of the United States.
        • Many of our customers use reship.com  to ship our products internationally.
      • How much do you charge for shipping?
        • We don’t! Shipping is free for  all of our products.

      If you have any other questions feel free to chat or call us at 561-805-3000
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