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      hand holding colorful poker chips

      Poker players are oftentimes unpredictable, and they surely aren’t afraid to take risks. So it can be intimidating to shop for gifts for the true poker aficionado. Whether you are shopping for a poker gift for a friend, a family member, or a significant other, the goal is always to gift them a present they will love – and not return the next day.

      To find the perfect gift for poker lovers, it is important to understand that poker isn’t just a game, it is a lifestyle. Psychology Today states, “poker is an excellent metaphor for life.” You get dealt bad hands, and sometimes you get dealt strong hands. Just as in life, you need to decide whether to keep going or fold and give up. Poker players do everything in their power to win and make the most out of what they have. 

      To make your decision easier, and come out a winner, here is a list of the best gifts for poker players: 

      Poker Gift #1: Card Shuffler 

      Online poker games and real casino tables shuffle cards for you and at a very fast pace. On the other hand, at-home poker games require a lot more patience and waiting time because the cards need to be shuffled after each hand. A card shuffler also allows for blind mixing, making it impossible for any player to predict which card will be on top. Since no one person is shuffling, there is no room for unfair treatment or favoritism. An automatic shuffler saves time and effort, and it makes your game that much more professional – making it the perfect poker gift. 

      Poker Gift #2: Customized Poker Chips 

      Customized poker chips are the ultimate gift for poker players to play in tournaments with friends and family. This meaningful and thoughtful poker gift is unique and can light up any room. With a personalized picture, you can reminisce on special memories together and relive past experiences. With a funny phrase or text, you can bring laughter or sophistication to your annual casino night. The best part? As with almost all of our products – it’s totally customizable. We mean it. Your design of choice is printed directly on the poker chip. Choose to place the image/text on one or both sides of the chips. You can even include an image on one side and a saying on the other! 

      Poker Gift #3: Customized Poker Cards

      Turn a standard deck of cards into a unique set of poker cards with a personalized touch. This is the perfect gift for poker lovers because you can customize the back and front with photos, artwork, favorite animals, company logos, or even places you’ve traveled together. You can choose a simple design to make your weekly poker tournament more unique.  These custom designed poker cards make for a one-of-a-kind birthday gift, anniversary gift, holiday gift, or wedding favor.  No matter what the occasion is, this gift is guaranteed to make the poker player in your life smile. 

      Poker Gift #4: Poker Tabletop 

      If you are searching for a poker gift for someone who loves to host a regular poker night, a poker tabletop is essential. For a poker player, there is no better feeling than the soft green felt table top that replicates a real casino. With an at home poker tabletop, a   customized deck of poker cards and chips there is almost no need to travel. You can invite your poker friends over for a last minute game. Spice up any get-together by setting up a quick game with friends or family. A poker tabletop has specific spots for those personalized cards and chips, making it a poker player’s dream. 

      Enhance a poker player’s favorite game by delivering a customized poker gift year round. At You’re On Deck, we aim to ensure your gift is unforgettable. Personalized gifts add meaning and sentimental value that can’t compare to traditional gifts. By adding text and photos, you can make a gift more special than ever. Customize your own chip set or deck of poker-sized cards today!