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      Teaching Products: Custom Dry Erase Cards

      Are you having trouble getting your kids to practice spelling and math problems because all they want to do is play and have fun? If you’re a parent or a teacher, custom dry-erase cards from You’re On Deck can help make learning feel like playing! 

      Our personalized dry-erase flash cards combine education and entertainment to get kids excited about learning. With custom dry-erase index cards, you can help your children develop necessary skills in a fun, interactive way.

      This tool is even more perfect for children who love drawing and coloring with markers. Each card is like a custom dry erase board to write and lean on. It really is the perfect way to make learning fun for kids! 

      Whether it’s for teaching a class or after-school tutoring, dry-erase personalized school supplies are a fantastic way to empower your kids or students to learn creatively, independently, and artistically. At You’re On Deck, we care about helping your little ones succeed on these colorful easy-to-clean custom dry erase cards.

      Custom Printed Dry Erase Cards

      Our dry-erase note cards allow kids of all ages to write, erase, and repeat. By visualizing their lesson, kids stay engaged and entertained. Designed in neon colors and fun graphics, these versatile custom dry-erase cards draw students’ attention to their learning goals. 

      Name Writing Practice Dry Erase Index Cards 

      Teach your kids or students how to write their own names along with many others! You can choose any names or words you want to appear on the face of the cards. You can even add your design with your kids’ favorite colors, animals, or characters! 

      Turn these blank dry-erase cards into learning cards that your students and kids will absolutely love. 

      Math Practice Custom Dry Erase Flash Cards 

      Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, telling time, and so much more on these dry-erase note cards! These cards are excellent for helping youngsters who finish their work early or who simply need a little extra practice. 

      This dry erase deck comes with 52 cards and two markers so your kids can get extra creative. And the best part? You can use them over and over again!

      Sight Words Dry Erase Cards 

      Use our dry-erase index cards to teach your kids the Fry’s Sight Words, which make up the majority of the words in reading materials for young children. We have no doubt children will love learning and writing these sight words on our custom dry-erase cards. 

      This deck includes the first 100 sight words from Dr. Edward Fry and two dry-erase markers! 

      Dry-Erase Flash Cards Makes Learning Fun

      • Children can simply erase their mistakes and try again.
      • This deck is small and convenient to carry around due to the cards’ robust but thin design.
      • They keep children focused on only one word or number at a time. 

      These fun and engaging custom dry-erase cards will help students develop math and writing skills in no time. 

      This approach works! Your youngster will quickly progress from being a beginner to greatness. Create your own dry-erase cards today!