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      Fundraising events are an excellent way for schools and nonprofits to generate revenue and raise money for a specific cause. The individual average donation amount for online fundraisers alone is $128, so think about how much your organization could raise with a fun and creative in-person fundraising idea!

      You want your fundraising ideas to really stand out. To really engage your supporters, you need fundraising event ideas that will excite them about giving to your cause and participating with your organization.

      Whether you’re a non-profit or the school president, here are 4 big-money fundraising ideas that will engage your audience, provide a branded keepsake, and help you achieve your fundraising goals!

      These fundraising ideas are sure winners!

      1. Monopoly

      Fundraising ideas can be serious business and so can Monopoly! You won’t take chances here since everyone loves sitting down for a game. Add images, logos, and colors that go with your company’s branding to your very own Monopoly board game customized for your fundraiser or organization. Everyone who plays your board game will be made aware of your cause and you’ll leave with the bank! 

      A creative fundraising idea for kids and adults, Monopoly is a fantastic game that adds an element of fun, excitement, and friendly competition to your event. In addition, your customized Monopoly can be easily transformed into a fundraiser tournament event that supports  your cause or charity.

      2. Poker Night

      If you are looking for a VIP fundraiser night to bring people together and raise money, host a poker or casino night! Grab a local radio host to be your EMCEE, hire some bartenders, rent a few poker tables, order up some customized cards and poker chips and you’ll have an instant fundraising success!

      Hosting a poker night with your customized cards and poker chips as a fundraising idea is a unique, and slightly edgy, way to bring your followers together. Not only will you enjoy an evening full of chance, skill, and unpredictable play – but the winner may just donate the whole pot to your cause at the end of evening!

      Customize your poker chips with graphics and text that are relevant to your fundraising event to make it even more enjoyable. You’ll want to make this an annual event as everyone will have a great time at an entertaining casino or poker night raising money for a cause that matters to you all!

      3. Bingo Night

      If a poker night isn’t your style and you’re looking for something more family friendly, host a bingo night instead! Everyone enjoys playing bingo, and organizing a fundraising game night is fun and simple. It’s a great, creative, fundraising event idea that brings people of all ages together.

      You can charge a small fee per sheet, and winners can choose from a selection of non-cash prizes. Play bingo using your favorite images or features of your organization as the squares and begin calling pictures! Your supporters will be shouting “Bingo!” as they enjoy a fun and entertaining game while supporting a great cause.

      4. Golf Tournament

      Golf tournaments can be formal or casual, making them brilliant, creative, fundraising ideas for organizations like churches, businesses, and schools. It is a fun activity that brings your target audience out on a lovely day for a worthwhile cause. 

      A golf tournament is a hole-in-one fundraiser idea because it can draw people of all ages and skill levels. In addition to selling food and drinks, you can also personalize golf ball markers with your chosen text or graphics to serve as a reminder of the main reason for the event! These golf ball markers can be excellent take home gifts as part of goodie bags for your golf tournament fundraiser.

      Elevate Your Fundraising Event With Ideas From You’re On Deck

      If you need help creating products for your unique and creative fundraising program, our team at You’re On Deck can help you develop your idea using our custom playing cards or board games! Our extensive selection of games and playing cards will surely keep everyone interested and take your fundraising event to a whole new level. 

      Regardless of your sector, we can make your fundraiser event more unique, enjoyable, and memorable! Our entire line of customized board game and card products are made to the highest standards, will arrive on time, and are built to last.

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