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      People playing a bridge game on a red table

      Bridge is a fun, challenging game that keeps the mind sharp as you age. 

      While often seen as a bit outdated, it is a fantastic card game for all ages. The planning and teamwork involved makes playing bridge sociable, enjoyable, and energizing.

      If you have a loved one who likes playing bridge with their friends, get them a gift they’ll be excited to show off during their next game.

      We know there are an infinite number of gifts to choose from when it comes to honoring a bridge player’s love of the game, but here are our top 7 gift recommendations for your favorite bridge player.

      1. Bridge Bidding Boxes

      If you are unfamiliar with the game of Bridge, you should know there’s a lot of bidding going on. Players bid by declaring how many tricks their team will win. It is done at the beginning of each round and includes a number and a suit.

      It can be difficult to keep track of bidding and scores without the proper equipment. That’s why a bidding box is an excellent gift for bridge lovers.

      A bidding box set includes 4 bridge bidding boxes, bidding cards, and two scorebooks. This is a practical and efficient bridge gift for those that play frequently. They may even need fresh scorebooks if they already have bidding boxes.

      2. A Leather Case for Bridge Playing Cards

      Once your bridge enthusiast has their custom deck of bridge playing cards, they’ll need something to keep them safe in between games. A vintage card case or custom case with their name embroidered on will make your bridge player feel like a big shot at their next game.

      A leather case with the four suits on the front is a great gift for bridge players to store their cards. It gives their bridge cards a nice resting place and looks very stylish on the table.

      3. A Trump Marker

      When playing bridge, it can be hard to remember which suit has been called trump. A good way to ensure every player knows what trump has been called is to use a trump marker.

      An experienced bridge player will scoff at anyone who uses coins or bits and bobs to mark a trump. And no one wants to remind you what’s been called! They need to use their time and energy to win – this is serious business!

      4. A Bridge Book to Improve Their Skills

      A bridge book is the perfect gift for budding bridge players (and maybe some experienced players, too). There’s nothing like practicing with a group, but a book can provide tips and help improve their skills for future hours of entertainment. There are plenty of books to choose from that cover all skill levels and types of bridge games to purchase.

      A good choice is I Love This Game by Sabine Auken, one of the greatest bridge players of all time. She writes about playing bridge at the highest level and tackles controversial topics such as different playing fields for men and women.

      5. A Bridge Coffee Mug

      You can never go wrong with a coffee mug. If you’re looking for something smaller, a bridge coffee mug is an outstanding gift for bridge lovers.

      A mug is perfect for making sure your favorite bridge player is alert with their favorite coffee or tea. It’s practical, funny, and affordable! Every time they pour a drink or take a sip, they’ll remember you and your thoughtful gift.

      6. A Foldable Table

      A wonderful gift for bridge players is a foldable table for their daily or weekly bridge meetups. This makes it easy for 4 players to gather around and reach the bridge cards.

      Gift them this 4-Player Folding Card Table with a green felt top and cup holders hold their cards and drinks! Once you are finished with the game, fold the table and store it out of the way until the next time.

      7. Customized Set of Bridge Cards

      Last, but certainly not least, every bridge player deserves to have their own unique set of high-quality playing cards. Treat your giftee with a custom deck of bridge cards from You’re On Deck.

      At You’re On Deck, you can upload your own pictures and artwork or create a design on the front and back of each card!  Not only does this make game night even more fun, but it is a great way to bond with your teammates and opponents.

      Add your own special touch to your next bridge game, and customize your own deck of bridge cards today!