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      Blackboard that reads “Teachers rock!” next to an apple

      Teachers dedicate their lives to sharing their wealth of knowledge and embracing the power of education. Even when it feels like nothing can come close to this devotion, giving thanks and showing appreciation are just a few ways that we, as students, parents and guardians, can give back to teachers. 

      The kind words can go a long way, but you can also recognize that special educator in your life with a fun and tangible present! Here are a few of the best gifts for teachers from students (or parents) to consider for the upcoming school year:

      Classroom Gifts:

      1. A Coffee Pot and Coffee Mug

      School days start early for teachers, so they need the fuel to keep up the momentum and maintain energy! If you’re looking for a gift that a high school teacher (or any grade for that matter) can appreciate, consider a coffee pot for them to add to the classroom. A personalized mug with a positive message can also help them enjoy and adore each cup of coffee even more. 

      2. Custom Dry Erase Flash Cards 

      Custom dry erase flash cards to help your children develop necessary skills, from name tracing to math and sight words. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, these dry erase cards are the perfect way to get your kids excited about learning! Our team has developed a range of educational dry erase cards that make learning letters and math easy and fun. 

      3. An Air Purifier

      A classroom can start to feel stuffy when you’re in it for 8 hours a day! With illness concerns and the hot days leading up to summer, an air purifier is a practical gift option that will have your teacher (and their whole classroom) breathing easy.  Ultimately this gift keeps on giving – improving the air quality and making it safer and more comfortable for everyone in the classroom to enjoy!

      Personal Gifts: 

      1. Fun Stationary 

      Teachers love a fresh set of pens and beautiful notes! If you want to take it up a notch and give your kid’s teacher a complete set of stationary with matching stickers, envelopes and other fun writing accessories. You can find great stationary kits or a journaling set at your local stationary shop or bookstore.  

      This is a great gift idea for teachers who love to send notes home to parents or create their own holiday cards for students during the most wonderful time of the year. English teachers may favor this gift over others, but you can consider this gift for any educator! 

      2. A Personalized Board Game

      Are you searching for a present for a teacher who loves a challenge? A personalized board game or deck of cards is a unique gift to consider; You’re On Deck allows you to pick a classic board game and add personalized text and photos directly to the board. 

      This could also be a fun game to help with day to day math or science lessons! Or, you can pick a classic deck of cards or a similar card game to customize with texts and pictures. This can be considered a thoughtful memento that helps your child’s teacher remember their time spent with this group of children during the school year. 

      3.Gift Card

      If all else fails there’s always the universally beloved gift card! Talk to your kids about what their teacher likes to do and base the gift card around their favorite hobby, restaurant, coffee shop or store. 

      A gift card can seem impersonal at first, but it’s a neutral and efficient option if you’re worried about gifting something that will sit and collect dust. In most cases, gift cards don’t have expiration dates so they can make use of the present whenever they please. 

      Get the Best Gift for Teachers from You’re On Deck 

      Happy teacher helping a young student

      Whether you’re searching for the best gift for teachers at the end of year or you want to welcome a teacher into your child’s life with grace and appreciation, browse our selection of unique gifts!

      We have a variety of board games we can personalize for your favorite teacher, as well as teaching products that educators can use with students for developmental improvement in name writing, math basics and sight words. 

      Looking for a thoughtful gift idea to show your favorite teachers love and recognition? Customize the best gift your child’s teacher will receive with You’re On Deck.