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      A father flying a kite with his two daughters

      Finding fun cheap family activities that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge. However, creating lasting memories doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. If you’re in need of some ideas for cheap activities for families, you’ve come to the right place.

      Let’s explore 10 inexpensive family activities that our family loves, not just because they are budget-friendly, but because they are actually fun. Plus, lots of these ideas provide great learning opportunities from active ideas, to reading or working with numbers (in a super fun way) there’s something to interest everyone in your family!

      From outdoor adventures to creative projects, these cheap fun activities for families are great for all ages. For all of these activities, keep it small with your immediate family or grab a few friends to join in on the fun!

      1. Have a Family Picnic

      Pack a homemade meal or just some ice cream, grab a blanket, and head to a local park for a picnic. Enjoy the fresh air, throw water balloons, or just enjoy the beauty of nature. This simple activity allows you to bond with your family and friends while making the most of your local green spaces.

      2. Host a Family Movie Night

      Build a fort or transform your living room into a cozy theater for a family movie night. Choose a favorite movie or let each family member take turns picking one. Make some popcorn, turn off the lights, and snuggle up together. This is a great activity for younger and older kids alike.

      3. Go on a Treasure Hunt

      Take advantage of the great outdoors with a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items to find, such as leaves, rocks, or flowers. Explore a local park or even your own backyard while teaching your children about nature. You could even throw in an obstacle course to burn off some of your kids’ extra energy.

      4. Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects

      Unleash your family’s creativity with do-it-yourself arts and crafts projects. Gather basic supplies such as cardboard boxes, paints, glue, and paper. Let your kiddos use their imagination by making homemade cards, collages, or even holiday decorations. This dollar store activity allows you to make art on a budget.

      A quick search on Pinterest or Fun Family Crafts will give you a huge list of activities to play with. 

      5. Volunteer as a Family

      Engage in acts of kindness and make a difference in your community by volunteering as a family. Find local organizations or events that catch your family’s interests and spend a few hours lending a helping hand. Serving at a food bank, cleaning up a local park, or participating in a charity run are all great options. 

      Find local volunteer opportunities in your local groups or through United Way

      A family walking on the beach

      6. Plan a Museum Trip

      Many museums offer free or cheap tickets to special activities for kids. Take advantage of opportunities to explore local art, history, or science museums. Learn new things, conduct science experiments, and spend time as a family all in one trip.

      Explore some new museums in your area with Museum Finder.

      7. Explore the Great Outdoors

      Nature provides a ton of free activities for families to enjoy. Take a hike on a nearby trail, go on a bike ride, or visit a nearby beach or lake. These outdoor adventures offer exercise, exploration, and fun-filled memories, all without spending a fortune.

      Not sure what nature has to offer in your area? Find Your Park has a wonderful resource called Park Finder.

      8. Cook a Meal Together

      Get the whole family in the kitchen and embark on a cooking adventure. Choose a recipe together and let everyone contribute. Not only will you create tasty meals or treats, but you will also teach your children useful cooking skills. This activity has teamwork, creativity, and, of course, the joy of a homemade feast.

      Check out this blog for a short list of recipes to try making together!

      9. Take a Trip to the Library

      Make regular trips to your local library a family tradition. Libraries offer a wealth of free resources and activities, from borrowing books and movies to attending storytime sessions or workshops. Encourage your kids to spend time learning something new or engaging in their community.

      If you’re not sure where the public libraries in your community are located, use this helpful resource!

      10. Organize a Family Game Night

      Find the joy of board games and card games on a family game night. A quality custom game is an item you purchase once that brings joy forever!

      Play anything from traditional favorites like checkers or backgammon to any of the newer games on the market. Break out the Monopoly or Scrabble board and have a blast. You can even spend the night teaching your kiddos classic card games like poker, 21, or bridge. These games can build strategy skills and number skills that your kids will take throughout their lives – it’s also important to learn the basics of card play! 

      If you’re a big tabletop family, you should look into customizing your games! Personalize your own playing cards, poker chips, and board games with You’re On Deck. With our make your own board or card games, you’ll use your own personal photos to bring your game night to life for the whole family. 

      Whatever the game, playing as a family is a great and affordable way to spend an evening.

      No matter what kind of things your family is interested in, quality time is the most important! You kids will remember the library visits or cooking together as fondly as our kids do!