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      Checkers Rules



      Custom Gameboard

      26 Custom Checkers

      Object of the Game:

      Either remove all of your opponent’s checkers by capturing them or block all of their checkers.

      Game Setup:

      Take 12 checkers with the same color border and place them on all of the blue squares of the first three rows in front of you. Your opponent sits opposite you and does the same.

      How to Play:

      Once your checkers are set up on the board, choose a player to go first.

      Checkers can only move diagonally, and they can only move forward, even when jumping. You can move one checker one space per turn, except when jumping.

      The game continues with players alternating turns.

      If you can’t move any of your checkers, you are considered “blocked” and lose the game.

      JUMPING: When the opponent's checker is sitting on an adjacent, diagonal square from your checker, you must jump over it to capture it. Your checker jumps over the captured checker in a straight line onto the adjacent diagonal square. If there is a checker on the potential landing space, then you cannot jump over that checker. When you jump over a checker, you capture it and remove it from the board.

      Multi-jumping: If the space you just jumped to has another legal jump available, you must continue jumping.

      KINGS: If one of your checkers makes it to the last row on your opponent’s side of the board, that checker becomes a King. When this happens, put a checker that’s not on the board of the same color on top of that checker. The King can move forward and backward diagonally on the board.

      How to Win:

      There are two different ways to win:

      1)Capture all of your opponent’s checkers 2) Block all of your opponent’s checkers.

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