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      Poker cards and chips

      Hosting a home poker game is lots of fun! But if it’s a small group of 4 let’s talk about how many poker chips you’ll need. It can be difficult to assign blind levels and distribute poker chips when organizing a game, so here’s what you need to know to help you run your next game with confidence.

      Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games played at home and in the casino. But if you give everyone too many chips, the game will never end, and if you don’t give each player enough poker chips, they will be eliminated too easily. So, how many poker chips do you need for 4 players?

      Poker doesn’t have a set of rules for poker chip distribution for 4 players, but there is a general guideline you can follow to ensure every player gets a sufficient number of chips which we’ve outlined below.

      How Many Poker Chips Should Each Player Start With?

      When hosting a game of poker, each player should get a starting stack of enough chips to cover a 50 chip initial big blind minimum and a 100 chip big blind maximum.

      A standard poker chip set typically contains 300 chips – 100 pieces for white and 50 pieces for every other color. This allows 5-6 players to play comfortably.

      Ultimately, it is up to the host to decide on the poker chip distribution for 4 players, but keeping the chip count high ensures players won’t run out of chips.

      How Many Chips are Needed for a Poker Game?

      Of course, the total number of chips needed for a poker game will depend on how many players are in for a game. You should determine whether players can rebuy into the game after being eliminated or if players can join the game after the start time. As a rule of thumb, you should always have extra chips to spare.

      A general guideline to follow is to budget 75 to 100 chips per player. Even though this is more than required, it enables enough for rebuys and late players.

      Player to Chip Ratio

      Two to three players have a total of 200 to 300 chips. Four to five players have a total of 400 or 500 chips. Five to six players have 500 or 600 chips. Six to eight players have 600 to 800 chips.

      More than 10 players start with 1000 chips and add 100 chips for each player.

      Determine the Value of the Colored Chips

      Finally, you need to decide (before starting your poker game, trust us – you may even want it in writing) the value each different colored chips represent. Most poker sets contain red, blue, green, and black colored chips.

      You can choose whatever value you want for any color, but the standard worth for poker chip are as follows:

      Blue – $1

      Red – $5

      Green – $25

      Black – $100

      Again, value should be based on the group playing. Lowest could be worth a quarter and highest could be worth a dollar!

      Poker Chip Distribution for Different Games

      Texas Hold’em has several game variations, so depending on which type of game you play, you may need more or fewer chips.

      Short Stacked Ring Game

      In this game, blinds don’t get raised, meaning your poker chip distribution for 4 players can stay the same. It is recommended to give each player 40 or fewer initial big blinds.

      Deep Stacked Game

      The deep-stacked game calls for more chips and a longer game, meaning the blinds will go up more often. So how many poker chips are needed for 4 players? Each player should receive between 150 and 200 initial big blinds.


      A rebuy game allows a player to buy back in the game after being eliminated. These typically cost the same as the initial buy-in, but a rebuy only gets half the chips. So have additional chips on hand as if you were expecting additional players.

      Add On

      In this game, a player can get another starting stack added to their pile for the same cost as the initial buy-in. However, there is usually a time limit for when you can use an add-on. Again, make sure to have extra chips available.

      Customized Poker Chips

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