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      Custom Rook Card Game: Create Your Own Deck

      Are you looking for a thrilling, fast-moving, competitive game for your next date or family game night? Custom-made Rook cards are a perfect way to have some fun with your loved ones and play a game full of tricks!

      Rook is a not-for-rookies card game that everyone enjoys. As you trick and trump your way to victory, the card game Rook will leave your friends and family in amazement and create unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime. When your custom cards are played, your family and friends will delight in seeing what the leading suit looks like and how the highest trump card features designs they’ve surely never seen before!

      Do you want to take your Rook cards to the next level? With custom Rook playing cards, you can build a deck for your Rook game that’s exactly the way you want it. The card game Rook already calls for specialized cards – you need 57 cards as well as some unique ones. But with custom Rook playing cards, you can add your very own personal touches and make game night even more memorable!

      Custom Rook Card Deck Pricing

      • 1 Deck – $30.50
      • 2-5 Decks – $23.00ea.
      • 6-25 Decks – $20.00ea.
      • 26-100 – $17.00ea.
      • 101-250 – $16.00ea.
      • 251-499 – $15.00ea.
      • 500+ – $12.00ea.

      Additional Cards $0.44 per card per deck

      *Prices based on identical designs

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      • Poker size (2 ½” X 3 ½”), 57 cards
      • You provide images for the common back and “Rook Cards”
      • Standard faces and jokers
      • Enter quantity to see your special pricing
      • Printed on durable, easy-to-shuffle 330gsm cardstock with UV gloss coating
      • FREE two-week at-your-door delivery
      • FREE plastic storage box with each deck

      Not only do custom Rook cards make for the ideal gift, but they are a great way to brighten up your own day. Are you ready to make game night more fun than ever?

      With quick shipping, we make it easy to create your very own personalized Rook cards today!

      Have a question? Need help? Call or chat with us – we’re on deck!



      How To Create Personalized Rook Playing Cards

      Making your own custom Rook playing cards is simple with You’re On Deck. Use our easy online card design tool and upload your favorite photos, add pictures of your own original artwork, or a design of your own creation. If you can imagine it, you can add it to your very own custom-made Rook cards!

      You’ll be able to create a design that will appear on the back of the entire deck. Plus, you can customize each card face to make your deck entirely unique.

      After you take care of the design, we’ll print up as many decks as you’d like.

      With free shipping, your uniquely designed deck will be printed and in your hands in two weeks! Each deck is ready to play out of the box!

      Whatever pictures you add to your personalized Rook cards will surely bring joy and laughter to the table or inspire everyone to reminisce about special moments of the past.

      Personalized playing cards can also make great favors for your next event, whether you want to thank guests or get your brand name out there. With an on-theme or on-brand deck in the middle of the table, nobody will be able to resist giving this clever card game a try. And once the cards are dealt and players bid and battle it out over the gaming table, they’ll want to share their custom deck of Rook cards with all their friends!

      Looking for fundraising or corporate ideas? We can help!

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