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      Sequence Rules



      Custom gameboard


      50chips x3


      Any number from 2 to 12 that is divisible by 2 or 3 can play (2,3,4,6,8,9,10, or 12). Up to 3 may play individually. More than 3 must be in teams. No more than 3 teams can play.


      For 2 players or teams: One player or team must score TWO SEQUENCES before their opponent.

      For 3 players or teams: One player or team must score ONE SEQUENCE before their opponents.


      Place game board with enough room around it for the deck of cards, chips, and a discard pile for each player.

      For 2 teams: Players must be evenly divided. Team members must alternate their physical positions with opponents around the board.

      For 3 teams: Players must be evenly divided into three teams. Team members must alternate their physical positions every third player around the board. Shuffle the cards and deal the same number of cards to each player (see TABLE). Be sure all members of a team use the same chips.


      2 Players

      7 Cards each

      3 Players

      6 Cards each

      4 Players

      6 Cards each

      6 Players

      5 Cards each

      8 Players

      4 Cards each

      9 Players

      4 Cards each

      10 Players

      3 Cards each

      12 Players

      3 Cards each


      Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer and going clockwise, select a card of your choice from your hand and place it face up on your discard pile (start your own discard pile in front of you visible to all other players), and then place one of your chips on the matching card on the game board. After placing a chip, draw a card from the draw pile.

      Each card is pictured multiple times on the game board. Cards with purple and orange borders do not appear on the game board. You can play on any of the card spaces

      as long as it is not already covered by another chip. Once a chip has been played, it cannot be removed by anyone except when using an orange-bordered card (see BORDERED CARDS). When the draw pile runs out during play, all discard piles are shuffled together to create a new draw pile.


      There are 16 bordered cards in the deck. The 8 purple-bordered cards are wild. To play a purple-bordered card, place it on your discard pile and place one of your chips on any open space on the game board.

      The 8 orange-bordered cards are anti-wild. To play an orange-bordered card, place

      it on your discard pile and remove one chip from the game board belonging to an opponent. That completes your turn. You cannot place one of your chips on that same space during this turn. You cannot remove a chip that is already part of a completed SEQUENCE. Once a SEQUENCE is achieved by a player or a team, it cannot be broken.

      DEAD CARD:

      If you hold a card in your hand which does not have an open space on the game board because both spaces representing that card are covered by a chip, you are holding a DEAD CARD and you may turn it in for a new card. When it is your turn, place the dead card on your discard pile, announce that you are turning in a dead card, and take a replacement card (one card per turn). You then proceed to play your turn as usual.

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      Once you have taken your turn and placed your chip on the game board, you must take a card from the draw deck. If you fail to take a card before the next player makes a move AND takes his/her card, you lose the right to take a card and you must finish the game with fewer cards than the other players.


      There must be no table talk or coaching team members. If you say anything that alerts a fellow teammate to the fact that they are about to do something that they shouldn’t, every member of your team must forfeit one card of their choice from their hand, placing it on their discard pile.


      Play continues in a clockwise direction until one player or team scores the required number of SEQUENCES, at which point that player or team wins the game. If you are playing with two players or two teams, you may use any one of the spaces from your first SEQUENCE as part of your second.