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      Employee being appreciated at a meeting.

      There are all kinds of ways to support and celebrate your employees. And they don’t have to be limited to raises or bonuses. Sometimes you want to simply demonstrate your appreciation for your team.

      While there are common ways to demonstrate employee recognition, some are more appropriate than others. For example, hosting a happy hour might seem like a simple solution, but thinking it through can lose some luster. Many people don’t drink and the rowdy bar scene can create more problems than it solves. Plus, there are more personalized gift ideas that show your employees you care.

      We like to think we’ve got some great tools and recommendations for gifts to recognize your employees.  

      Customized Cards

      Whether your employees are avid card players, or perhaps just the occasional social gamer, a personalized deck of cards is a fun gift that your employees will have for years to come. 

      One of our favorite elements of personalizing cards is that you can make them as playful or personal as you want. For instance, perhaps you want to show appreciation for a particular team. A personalized deck of cards can demonstrate a team member’s accomplishments or a big project win! Adding a personalized element to a unique deck of cards demonstrates appreciation for your workers on a more personal level.

      If you want to keep it simple, you can just use your company logo on the deck! Bonus Points: Larger order equals discounts in pricing and company-branded swag is sometimes to be used in fundraisers or to promote the business as a whole,

      Group of friends playing a game

      Team Building or Events

      You may choose a fun daytime outing to engage your team and get them out of the office. A ticket to a sporting event or hosting a game or two can be a great active gift. . 

      It’s always a good idea to have a few individual items for your event too. For instance, let’s say your company is having a golf outing, a custom golf ball marker with team names, and individual faces, can be a nice addition to your thank-you gift for those who are participating. If you’re hosting a poker game, add a set of personalized poker chips to each table for flair.   

      Hosting events outside of work can build camaraderie. Try something like a baseball game or picnic where families can be invited too! 

      Customized Board Games

      An appreciation gift for employees can be bigger than a deck of cards. But you don’t have to think of board games as big gifts. Everyone loves games, and while they don’t take up a lot of space in the cabinet or closet, they certainly provide mass amounts of memorable joy.

      And personalizing a board game isn’t limited to the design or art you incorporate. Sure, you might want an image of your team members, or perhaps you want to showcase a solid year of achievements right on the board. You can do that! But take it a step further.

      Think of the roles your employees play. For example, if you have a team of editors or copywriters, then maybe a customized Scrabble game board is the move. On the other hand, you might have a team of strategy professionals, in which case maybe a game like checkers might be more appropriate.

      Additionally, games are items that can be enjoyed outside of the office, which helps the appreciation go a step further. This is especially true if you have employees who occasionally work remotely. Opening up the game board on evenings and weekends on their own time reminds them that your appreciation goes above and beyond the daily work routine.

      Giving customized board games in this way can be an excellent appreciation gift for your employees because of how personal they really are. The design, the type of game, and the overall thought can really make an employee feel appreciated.

      Celebratory Gifts for Life Events

      An appreciation gift for an employee doesn’t have to be related to work achievements or company outings alone. There are all kinds of reasons to provide a worker with an appreciation gift.

      For example, if an employee gets engaged or announces a pregnancy, a staff appreciation gift for this individual is a wonderful idea. Choose a gift card to their favorite local restaurant or throw a little baby shower with a few items sent straight to their door. 

      Don’t box yourself into one type of gift or a single scenario for gift giving. People love games and they love being shown appreciation. Why not lump the two together?

      Games Show You Care

      Taking the extra steps to provide a personalized game or gift really shows you care. 

      Giving games as appreciation gifts for employees is a win-win. A wonderful thing about games (of any kind!) is that they are appropriate. Regardless of age or position or role in the company, a game demonstrates fun.

      Additionally, games can be personal, but not too personal! They inspire people to take time away from the hustle and bustle of their lives and enjoy some time with others – they generate smiles and enjoyment. What more could you ask for?
      Reach out today to learn more about the options available to you, and personalize an appreciation gift for your employees today.