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      On the hunt for the most unique gift ideas for friends and family? Read on for some expert gifting tips as well as our rundown of the most delightful and memorable gifts for all occasions. 

      How To Come Up With Cool Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

      There are a lot of different ways to pinpoint the perfect gifts for people on your list. Some folks are naturally great at shopping and will spot just the right thing at just the right time for their loved one. Others prefer to put a little thought and planning into the gift-giving process. 

      If you’re stumped on where to start, consider the method known as the 5-gift rule. What is the 5-gift rule, exactly? It involves choosing a gift from 5 different categories – and it’s easy to remember because it rhymes! 

      The gift ideas include something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read… plus, something special that doesn’t fit into any of those other categories. You don’t necessarily have to choose one thing from all 5 categories – but the list can help kickstart your brainstorming process. 

      Now, if you’re looking for the most unique gift ideas, these will typically fall into that “something special” category. This is the type of present that your recipient won’t be expecting, but as soon as they start unwrapping it, they’ll be filled with delight and surprise!

      When searching for a great unique gift, consider options like:

      Unique Gift Ideas for All Ages: We’ve got you covered! 

      Now that you’ve got some ideas percolating, check out our gift guide for some creative and unique presents that your friends and family will love. These all make great gifts for men, gifts for women, and even gifts the kids will enjoy!

      Woman covers her mother’s eyes while handing her a wrapped gift

      1. Personalized Playing Cards

      Whether the person on your gift list is more skilled at Poker or Go Fish – or perhaps a laughter-fueled round of 52 Card Pickup – they’ll love playing along with a thoughtfully customized deck of playing cards. Design a set with favorite photos or images of places and things they enjoy to give a unique, one-of-a-kind surprise.

      2. Custom Poker Chips

      If you opt for custom cards, why not add a set of personalized poker chips featuring your loved one’s silliest or most sentimental snapshots? You bet this gift will leave them feeling like a total high roller!

      3. Monogrammed Blanket

      Who doesn’t love bundling up in a cozy blanket? Get one personalized with their initial or monogram to make your gift that much more special. Consider bundling it with pampering products or movie night accessories, too.

      4. Portrait Artwork

      Lots of artists can create a graphic illustration, sketch, or portrait painting based on a photo of your loved one – or their pet! Find an artist in your local community or online to create this keepsake.

      5. Custom Board Game

      Does your loved one enjoy a good game of Clue or Monopoly? Are they skilled at Sequence or Chutes and Ladders? They’ve never played it like this before! A customized board game complete with images or photos of your choice will kickstart countless game nights and keep the good memories coming.

      6. Meaningful Map Poster

      Is there a place that holds a lot of meaning to your loved one? They’ll love adding a stylish map poster featuring that spot to their decor. It can showcase the city they were born in, the corner where you first met, or somewhere else special.

      7. Personalized Bingo

      A totally customized bingo game will be a hit at your loved one’s next gathering. Fill in the squares with photos and prepare to keep everyone at the edge of their seat as they get closer to shouting “bingo!”

      Order Thoughtful, Customized Gifts from You’re On Deck

      No matter the occasion, a personalized gift is sure to delight your loved ones. With You’re On Deck, the process of making gift ideas more unique and creative is super simple.

      Our board games, cards, and other unique ideas for gifts are easy to personalize using our online design tool. And, whether you order a one-of-a-kind game or a matching set to share with everyone on your list, we offer quick order fulfillment and free shipping.
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