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      Best Family Board Games For Game Night in 2021

      Custom Monopoly Board | You're On Deck

      Whether your kids are home from college, you’re looking for a way to entertain the little ones on a rainy day, or you want to choose a quality game for your “chosen family” – a family game night is ideal. It’s the perfect opportunity to gather with your loved ones, share some laughs, and test your skills. Plus, it’s way more thrilling than sitting on the couch and watching old sitcoms for the umpteenth time.

      Bring out a classic board game that you’ve kept since your childhood years, or, introduce the whole family to a newer board game option! It can depend on the current skill level (and age) of participants, plus how long you actually want to spend playing.

      It can be a tough choice, but here’s our curated list of the best family board games, old and new, to bring to game night in 2021:

      Classic Board Games You Can Customize

      1. Clue

      A fun mystery game for the whole family to enjoy, Clue tests your skills of deception. The premise of the game is to find whodunnit. If by the end of the game, you can name who did it, along with how and where it happened, you’ll win the game. Expect the playtime for Clue to run about an hour. Did you know? Colonel Mustard’s name was originally Colonel Yellow, but they changed his name before the game’s release! In your custom version of Clue he can be whomever you’d like!

      2. Risk

      Do you have an inquisitive bunch in the house on a late Friday evening? Risk is one of the best family board games to play with everyone in the family. The name of the game is simple: Conquer the world by occupying all of the territories on the board. The catch? Eliminating all of your opponents in the process. This one tends to take up a few hours of your time, so plan accordingly. 

      3. Monopoly

      Who doesn’t love the game of Monopoly? If you’re looking for a classic game to introduce to the kids and create a new family tradition, this is the board game for your family game night. The premise is fairly simple: All you have to do is use your money wisely and walk out of the game as the wealthiest person to win it all. It can be a fun way to teach little ones (or your roommate!) about finances. Players can expect to play a full game of Monopoly within a few hours, so, as always, set aside enough time if you plan to play from start to finish. Up the ante with a customized monopoly version specifically meant for your group! 

      Modern and New Board Game Options

      1. Kids Against Maturity

      There’s no room for maturity on family game night, and this board game backs up this notion. It’s a fill-in-the-blank type of card game that will have you and your family members rolling on the floor laughing (as long as flatulence humor is your type of thing.) It takes around 45 minutes for the first person to win five rounds, so it’s not going to take up too much of your time. 

      2. Exploding Kittens

      If you and your family are searching for a simple game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Exploding Kittens is the option to consider. All you have to do is draw cards until you get to an exploding kitten! It’s equally nerve-wracking, thrilling, and silly as can be. Exploding Kittens is a quick one, with each game only lasting about 15 minutes. 

      3. Pandemic

      Does it get any more timely than this? The Pandemic board game might be exactly what you’re expecting. The name of the game is to work together with your team to treat infectious diseases around the world and keep humanity safe. This game also takes about 45 minutes to complete.


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      From Backgammon, Bingo, Checkers, and Clue, to Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Sequence, Parcheesi, and Stratego, we have all of the classics that are considered the best family board games known to man. You can add text and photos to any of these games to create a specialized version of your favorite traditional board game. Talk about a fun twist on a blast from your past!
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