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      Custom Stratego Game

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      NEW FEATURE Click here to make your own game box to go along with your customized Stratego game.

      Stratego is a board game filled with planning, attacking, and deceptive moves. To win, you must battle your opponent and advance your men until you capture your opponent’s Flag. It’s unpredictable. It’s fun. It’s exciting. 

      What better way to fight in this battle than with a fully customized Stratego board game. In a game that thrives off competition, a custom Stratego board and custom Stratego pieces can evoke a sense of comfort to the table. Your custom Stratego board is your very own battlefield, so you can personalize it with things you love, pictures that will bring the entire family together, or funny quotes that will make everyone laugh. 

      Customizing a Stratego board allows you to add your own unique and special twist to your next game night. Every time you play, the outcome will be different. And now, with a customized Stratego board game, you can bring an extra element of surprise to your friends and family. 

      Shop our Stratego board game for sale along with our whole line of customizable board games today!

      Ships within 48 hours!

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      You customize the board and the game pieces.

      Ready to play out of the box!

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      *Prices based on identical designs

      Out of stock



      • Choose your pictures to be printed directly onto the game pieces and an 18″ x 18″ quad-fold board – no stickers!


      • Get a sturdy, glossy box. (Because good things come in strong packages…)


      Want to learn how to play Stratego?

      Click here for Stratego Rules

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