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      Customized Clue – We Make It for You


      We do it your way!

      Looking for fundraising or corporate ideas? We can help!

      One time set-up fee: $15

      Click here to download the instructions and form.

      Get your own custom Clue board game with the places – and people – you know and love.

      Delivered in just 2 weeks and ready to play out of the box!

      *Prices based on identical designs



      • Choose any picture and text for the center of the board. (Goldmanopoly? Vacationopoly? Make it memorable – and make it yours.)
      • Choose your names AND pictures to be printed directly on to the estate cards and board – no stickers! (And make YOUR picture the most expensive. Obviously.)
      • Rename “Chance” and “Community Chest”, and add fun pictures to each card. (Hint: This is a great place for cheesy puns.)
      • Get a sturdy, glossy box with magnetic closure. (Because good things come in strong packages…)
      • Choose the color of your tokens. (Why? Because it’s fun!)
      • Get your game in just two weeks!


      Click here to make your own Chance and Community Chest cards to go along with your customized Monopoly game.

      Want to learn how to play Monopoly?

      Click here for Monopoly Rules

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